Facebook Advertisement vs Social Media Advertisement in Nepal

It is amazing how Social Media has changed the way we communicate, promote business, read news, get & provide information. More than 63% of Internet users in the world also use social media and the figures are growing everyday (Source: Statista.com).There are plenty of social media to choose from but the most popular social media based upon total users is Facebook. social-media-icon-bannerThe top seven social platforms in the world are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Nepal has also seen increase in social media users. If not much, there are users growing in all seven popular social media platforms. By now, almost all the business should have one social media that speaks out their brand, products and services they have to offer. Businesses in Nepal are also getting serious about the change in Social Media.

Social Media Advertisement in Nepal is understood as Facebook Advertisement. More than 90% of businesses in Nepal who are into Social Media are into Facebook. There are plenty of companies who want to share the ad platform of Facebook to reach out to the same audiences, bidding high, increasing the CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per 1000 Impression).

Social Media Concepts

The CTR (click through rate), which was on an average between $0.01 – $0.03 last year, has gone up starting at $0.05 on Facebook. However, with the late addition of citywise targeting in Nepal, it has provided the real value for money to the advertisers on Facebook. Ad bids are relatively low on other social media platforms.

Here in Nepal, companies in Glamour and Entertainment field have started creating their YouTube channel as an additional social media. Twitter and Google+ are getting popular among the younger crowds. Food, clothing, gadgets, books and e-commerce businesses are getting their Instagram and Pinterest engines running by collecting also the users who are not into Facebook. And, LinkedIn is slowly getting the professionals signing up.

7 Personalities Every Social Media Marketer Should HaveTraditional medias are still going strong but the return on advertisement investment is much more higher in the social media as you reach your target audience every penny you spend. I personally discontinued advertisement on print media after I started using facebook advertisement. The investment was less and the return was exponentially high.

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