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  • If you were asked to give an example of a Social Media platform then you would also probably start with FACEBOOK. Yes, you are absolutely right and almost everyone starts with Facebook when they have to cite an example of Social Media.

    Facebook is the most popular social media in the world based upon the total users. It is very obvious that you want to also start your advertisement campaign online with Facebook.

    In this page I will explain everything you want to know about Facebook.

    You will find most of the information regarding Facebook and Facebook Advertisement. You will also get the idea of facebook budgeting, targeting, reach, post engagements and others. We want to help you in planning your facebook advertisement campaign. You may ask any questions, anytime by filling up a contact form that is here.

    You don’t have to waste anytime to run a facebook ad for your business. No more scheduling a meeting with a facebook ad manager, understanding how it works, arranging meeting again & again, etc. We are here to carefully guide you to set up a successful facebook ad campaign. You can directly sign up for your ad campaign by simply filling up the Sign Up Form that is at the bottom below.

    Now, let me brief you through Facebook Ad basics.

    Facebook Ad Budget?

    The most important thing that you need to know about Facebook Ads is the budget and the best way to utilize your budget. Controlling expenses is in your hand. Do not let anyone control your expenses. Facebook daily budget starts with $1. You can start a facebook campaign for your business at just $1. Isn’t that amazing? You can increase the budget or decrease the budget anytime. So spend your money wisely. There is no upper limit.

    Which Facebook Ad to choose for your business campaign? There are a few options to choose from while setting up the facebook ad for your business. Each ad has different objectives attached to it. So, you have to be very clear on what you want your ad to do. Here are the types of Facebook Ads.

    Boost Your Post: This ad type is to promote a post, to get likes, comments and shares on the post.

    Promote Your page: This ad type is to get as much as page likes. In this ad type, you can also use photos to display as a video with slideshow.

    Send People to Your Website: You can send the viewers to your website when they click on the ad.

    Increase Conversions on Your Website: Facebook will use the user history to show the ad to as many people who would most probably click the ad increasing the website views.

    Get Installs of Your App: This ad type will help you set up a link of your app installation page so that viewers can directly install the app from the facebook ad.

    Increase Engagement in Your App: This ad type will help you get many likes, comments, reviews etc. in your app page.

    Raise Attendance at Your Event: This is promoting your event so that more and more people know about it and attend.

    Get People to Claim Your Offer: You can set up an offer in your ad and this ad type will promote to get as many claims as possible.

    Get Video Views: This ad type will help you generate as many video viewers as possible.

    Collect Leads for Your Business: Collect Leads for Your Business: You can now attach a form to a facebook ad to collect visitor's information when they click your ad.

    How can I target my Facebook Ad Campaign?

    The most popular audience targeting of a facebook ad is through location and age groups. You can select any city in Nepal and any age groups. You can also target people living in different country in the world.

    What should be the Ad Content?

    The written content that you can place in your ad should be 90 characters with spaces. You can have a small heading of your ad. Each ad will have a link to a facebook page, website or any link.

    Boost post can have written content as long as you want with pictures and links in the post.

    CAUTION: You cannot have more than 20% text in your pictures. This applies to all kind of ads. This is called the 20% rule of Facebook.

    You may upload your picture here to see if you have more than 20% text.
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    OK. Now you must be clear with your objective. You have to decide at this point how you want to run your Facebook ad campaign. To make it easier for you, I have an example which will help you fill out the sign up form later which is at the bottom of this page.

    Example of ABC Higher Secondary School who is seeking for +2 students for the entrance exam.

    Company Name: ABC Higher Secondary School
    Page Link to promote: http://facebook.com/abcSchool
    Target Location: Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur
    Target Age Group: 13 yrs – 15 yrs
    Gender: Both
    Ad Type: Boost Post
    Daily Budget: $5
    Ad Start Date: 5th April 2016
    Ad End Date: 4th May 2016
    For Boost Post: Admission Open for +2 Science, Humanities and Arts. We are distributing admission forms from our school. Please get the admission form to appear in the entrance exam on 5th May 2016. Hurry Up! Limited Seats Available. Call: 014421380 for more information. You may also check our website for more info. www.abchss.com.np.

    <<You have to have at least one picture to attach with your ad that passes the 20% rule>>

    Thats it. This is one of the Facebook Ad campaign which will bring you more than 200,000 total reach and more than 10,000 post engagements. With around $200, where on earth can you get 10,000 engagements. This is why Facebook Advertisement is so amazing.

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