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LMS for Schools & Colleges

Learnospace is a Learning Management System that enables you to control your school online or offline, seamlessly delivering content to your students while keeping them excited and engaged.

It offers the ability to host a variety of content types, analyse student performance, track attendance, and even conduct assessments and grade them online. With its functionality and dependability, Learnospace benefits Teachers and Students providing total visibility to the Management and Reporting to parents.


TECKLAB is a Science and Tech Experiential learning platform for schools and for individual students at home.

With more than 100 tutorials of tested experiments, each and every student will use the TECKLAB KIT with more than 200 components to learn and delight themselves with experiment success.

This can be used at Schools as a after school program to facilitate hand’s-on, real world, project-based, experimental learning.

WhiteHat Junior School Program

White Hat Junior School Program is the after school program for kids from Grade 1 to 12. It is the World’s first structured coding curriculum for kids designed for both 1:1 and 1:many live classes in virtual and physical format.

Kids learn fundamentals of coding to inspire both the Logical and Creative mind. 3 Million kids have already registered in this platform.

Your school can also start this program as part of your curriculum in your school or as a After School Program.

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You can use only one tool to manage your whole school.

Benefits of the LMS at a glance include:

-> Online Virtual Classes

-> Comprehensive Reports

-> Email Notifications

-> Batch User Import

-> Student Recommendations

-> Student Feedback

-> SCORM Compliance

-> 3 tier Architecture

-> Single Sign-on

-> Cloud Power

LMS supports various types of Learning.
  1. Synchronous Learning
  2. Asynchronous Learning
  3. Blended Learning
  4. Collaborative Learning
  5. Microlearning
  6. Gamified Learning
  7. Spaced Learning
  8. Mobile Learning
  9. Social Learning
LMS Assessment types include:
  1. Quizzes
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. Short Answer
  4. True or False
  5. Match the following
  6. Drag and Drop
  7. Essay
  8. Description
  9. Embedded Answers
  10. Select missing words       and many more…..
Get these Reports through LMS.
  1. Course Reports
  2. User Reports
  3. Attendance Report
  4. Learning Hours Report
  5. Enrollment Reports
  6. Client / Division Reports
  7. Most Viewed Courses
  8. Most Searched Courses
  9. Live Log and Log Reports
  10. Custom Report Generator     and lots more…..

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