About us

Hipster Technologies Inc. has made its move towards specializing in Technological Support to Educational Establishments of any size. Technological support may be in terms of setting up an application or building software to simplify the process and solve existing problem in the Education Establishment.

Hipster Technologies also partners with Edtech companies around the world to bring the best solution to the home country to support Education Establishments to simplify the process and solve the problem (if any). Hipster Technology also provides required training to allow teachers and other stakeholders of the education establishments to be familiar with the new sophisticated system.

Education establishments can be a Play-schools, Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, Private Institutions and similar.

We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world. – David Warlick


Hipster Technologies as its name is here to set its own trend. Unlike most of the IT companies in the industry, Hipster refuses to produce work that is mere ordinary. Its team of diligent and creative members incessantly works on innovative ideas and quality results. That is the reason why Hipster is a fast-growing company and aims to become a trusted name that provides excellent services, world-class product solutions, regular enhancement and updates to its clients.

Hipster will select world-class products and services from all around to world and provide seamless introduction to Nepalese market and will remain the local contact point. We have partnered with more than 10 companies around the world and the partnership is ever growing. We are always looking for like-minded company who wants to expand its scope to Nepal.

Our Short Story 

Hipster Technologies Inc. established in 2015 started with programming and web designing jobs for its clients. It was a slow start for Hipsters but the boom in Social Media Marketing helped Hipster expand its portfolio and grow. It is no looking back then after. One of the partners of Hipster Technologies went to Canada in the year 2018, taking Hipster to another level and making it international. Projects from CANADA started coming in and Hipster was no longer serving to the local clients in Nepal.

Hipster started serving Education establishments in 2019 with various requirement on smart attendance system, books management system and other MIS requirement. While Hipster was serving this sector, the recent Covid-19 has pushed our company to completely dedicate our services to the Education Industry and we have a lot of clients to serve.

Decision made by the Board of Directors of Hipster Technologies Inc. on April 2020 was to redefine Hipster as an EduTech Business serving only Education Establishment of all sizes. They remarked that there is a lot of gap in this sector and there is a need of a company like Hipster to serve the clients better.

Jackson Subedi – CEO

Kathmandu, Nepal

He is a visionary, young professional who has 14 years of experience as a Director of a Spanish Language School, 6 years of experience as a Teacher, 5 years of experience as a Techpreneur. He foresees a much-needed change in Technological system, curriculum, and way of teaching in all size Educational establishments. Since his early youth, he’s been dedicating himself into training teachers, introducing language program to various schools and advising schools on the development pathway.

Sekhar Dahal – General Manager

Alberta, Canada

He is an intuitive, strong minded and meticulous young professional whose forte is his unparalleled financial and management skills. He is extremely focused and driven towards making this organization meet its goals.

He is operating from Alberta, Canada and takes care of the clients from western part of the world.

Hipster Technologies believe in collaboration and disregard the competitive attitude to achieve its goal of becoming the best support company for any educational establishments.

Hipster has partnership with six multinational companies and is looking to partner with 10 more companies from all around the world to bring in more products and services that will be helping educational establishments of all kind and size.

The list of partners are not limited to the names below:

  1. Vingyan
  2. The Manipal Group
  3. CreateOnlineAcademy
  4. Learnnovators
  5. WhiteHat Jr. Edge Program
  6. Banyanpro
  7. Playablo
  8. Netanalytiks
  9. Trumath
  10. Schoollog


Hipster will consistently partner with other like minded businesses and introduce them to Nepal.

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